The idiot is basically a messed up role. The idiot is a role who is given the wrong role. At the start of the game, the idiot is given a random town role and he will not be told he is an idiot. At the night he will also "Do", that role by given the amount of buttons, yet the buttons won't do anything. So that way if the Idiot was a Doctor he would get one button. Or if he was a Transporter, he'd get two, but they wouldn't do anything. The Idiot is also night immune no matter what role he is. But.. If he is attacked, the attacker will say he is immune, and the Idiot will not be told they were attacked.

  • Role Name: Idiot
  • Alignment: Neutral Benign
  • Goal: Lynch every criminal and evildoer.
  • Color: Darkish-Gray
  • Attributes:
    • At game start you will be given a random town role
    • You will not know you are an idiot
    • It will be revealed as an idiot when you die
    • It looks like you're doing the role you got, but you won't be.
  • Abilities:
    • Do the role you get (except you don't)
  • Special Attributes:
    • Night Immunity (If you're attacked it will not say you were attacked)
  • Win Conditions:
    • Must kill the Mafia
    • Must kill Serial Killers
    • Must kill Arsonists
    • Must kill Werewolves
    • Win with the Town
    • Win with Survivors
  • Story:
    • One day, a innocent town member was walking along the 11:30 o'clock streets. When suddenly, BOOM! He was attacked by a Serial Killer right below the brain. A Jailor was also out, so he quickly ran away. The Jailor went to go to talk to his Prisoner, you were outside, heart beating as your mind went blank. You couldn't remember anything. Then you remembered, you were a town role. But what? So, you decided to go to a random town role, but, you were an idiot and did not notice you weren't a town, you were an Arsonist. So there you go with your random town role!

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